Drug/Prescription DUI/OVI Lawyer in Delaware, OH

Photo of pills on the handDrug/Prescription DUI charges are among the most nuanced and complex of all DUI charges.

Because of their half-life, drug residue can stay in one's system for an extended period of time. If a cop pulls someone over and he or she blows under .08, the officer can then ask for a urine test if he or she believes the person was under the influence of a drug.

Don’t Let a Small Mistake Evolve into a Massive Problem.

An individual can and will be charged with “refusing” an Officer’s request for a chemical test, even if that breath test is under the legal limit and they choose not to provide a urine or blood sample. What this all amounts to is that while the penalties are the same for a drug/prescription DUI, the ease with which they can be charged, as well as the potential consequences, are even higher.

A Great Lawyer Can Mitigate the Effects of a Drug or Prescription Related DUI/OVI Charge.

As such, it is critical to partner with a skilled lawyer if you or someone close to you has been charged with a drug or prescription DUI in or near Delaware, OH. With more than 10 years of defending these and similar issues, Mango Law LLC is ready to aggressively defend you against any DUI accusation.

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