Need an Attorney in Delaware, OH to Mitigate the Effects of a Breath Test Refusal?

a woman refusing to undergo a breath testBreath Test Refusal

Many people don't know their rights when they are pulled over for a DUI. Ohio is an “implied consent” state. That means that when you get behind the wheel you are automatically consenting to give a breath test. In practice, this means that if you refuse the test (for a first charge), you will face the Administrative License Revocation (ALS) for a definite period of one year.

Limited Driving Privileges are a Possibility, with a Good Lawyer.

After the first 30-days of an ALS, you may be eligible for limited occupational driving privileges from the Court (Judge). The length of the ALS increases with each offense charged and the 30-day window jumps to 90 days for a second refusal, a year for a third, and three years for a fourth and subsequent convictions.

A Refusal to Test Will Have Complicated Impacts on Your Case.

How the refusal or lack thereof factors into your charges is a complex issue. As such, it is essential to understand how to skillfully structure your defense in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome. The importance of retaining a skilled and experienced attorney cannot be overstated.

Put a Decade of Experience as Both a Prosecutor and Defense Attorney, to Work for You.

Attorney Dominic Mango will bring more than a decade of DUI defense experience to help mitigate all consequences of a DUI conviction or breath test refusal. His experience and our team's dedication ready us to aggressively advocate for you at the negotiation table or in court. Allow Dominic’s expertise to work for you towards a lessened sentence or to have your case dropped.

Call the DUI/OVI Attorney You Can Trust to Protect Your Reputation.

As with all DUI cases, the importance of early action is crucial. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your legal issues, including Delaware drunk driving/OVI breath test refusal defense with our lawyer, call (740) 602-2155 or send us a message.

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